There is no doubt about his honesty.

This is a serious and big storm.

They say love is blind.

Where's your dad?

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I wanted to have children.

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A great number of students battled for freedom of speech.

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How did you know where I was?

Marilyn lives on a farm in California.

It seems that it will rain starting this afternoon, so you should carry an umbrella.

Franklin created an ecological stove.

No one needs this sentence.

I know Hazel was busy.

Almost every day people loose their life on highway A2.

Don't throw bones to the dog!

Gilles bought a couple of cans of tomatoes.

I wasn't able to find what I was looking for.

This work is an improvement on your last.

The tall woman is listening to the brown horse.

When are you getting off work?

They're pretty harmless.

Now look at this.

What have you just written?

Let's eat.

How have you been getting on?

Tell them we're working on it.

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Some plants perish in winter.


Four plus three is seven.


We understood that you've eaten a lot.

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The store that I always go to has Calbee potato chips on sale for 98 yen a bag. My favorite flavor is lightly salted. As a matter of fact, the ingredients for this particular flavor changes from time to time. Today's chips are chemical-free, made with natural salt. Fitting for someone like me.


Are there any Chinese restaurants near here?

I helped her clear the table.

Maybe Ned isn't the one who's lying.


Carlos thinks he has the flu.

All you do is complain!

My chest had become softer than the fig tree's fruit and my heart had become more fragile than the fig tree's leaves.

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Three of my children died.

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What you said is, in a sense, true.

He gives his children an allowance.

The artists pledged to contribute all his property to charity.

I think we need a whole new approach.

In other words, I don't like to work with him.

The party for Maureen has been canceled.

Do you know how to cook rice well?

Dan helped Linda pass her exam.

A watermelon is full of water.


Go and beat up that bully.

We don't have the results yet.

You're going to like this.

I want her brought here now.

You don't accept credit cards?


In February the government's budget came in.

He sat up late last night.

My girlfriend is Canadian.

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May the force be with you.

Chance has thrown us together at a skiing resort.

You startled me.

I thought I'd go with you.

I have that at home.

I don't recognize that guy.

The automobile runs on electricity.


In cookies, he only eats the filling.

Our teacher ran through the important points again.

Marco and Jussi often play tennis together.

Do you remember the day when we first met?

We can't survive on this island unless we find some drinking water.


I don't know what Sandeep will say.

We've known each other a long time.

Do you have python snakes?

I came across a dog while returning home.

We calculated that we could reach the place within two weeks.

Japan is here!

The flowers in the vase are beautiful.

Frank is an oncologist.

It's deeper than that.

I got this recipe from a magazine.

Men, dogs, fish, and birds are all animals.

Shane found it difficult to solve the problem.

I didn't want to, but he insisted.

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He gave me some excuse for not attending the party.

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Each one of us should do his best.


Look the word up for yourself in the dictionary.

I don't feel like eating Chinese food tonight.

Do you want Chuck to help?

Tottie isn't always rational.

He's dead?

I am free tonight.

Did you find these at a vintage clothing shop?

I have to check with her first.

Ian got on the airplane.

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I feel a yearning for the university.

After work I go straight home.

If Neville had tried harder, he would've been able to do it.

Someday I will repay him for looking down on me.

I regret telling you.

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When I understood him I thought better of him.

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I will try it.

He paid as much as a hundred dollars for a puppy.

I want to move to the countryside.

They don't have any sugar any more.

You stay away from Devon.

I'm not going to let you get away with this.

He encountered a friend on the road.

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I believe him to be a man of ability.

This is a beautiful piece of meat.

Do you think we should import rice from the U.S.?


Who are you running from?

Are you the manager?

Do you know for sure that Tony is behind that?

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If I had known that you were here, I would have come at once.

Did you go to your high school prom?

The teacher may say nothing, grading the students on how much they participate, what they add to the discussion, and their leadership of it.

I enjoy being with you.

By the end of June, they were ready to vote.

Why don't you have Dad clean up his study?

I'm from Singapore.

Are you telling me that you've never been to Boston?

I lost my shirt on the stock market.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Jesus Christ is risen! Love has triumphed over hatred, life has conquered death, light has dispelled the darkness!

Paul might not want to see Merton.

Len heard a knock at the door.

Six comes before seven.

Which is your target?

We're not interested in such things.


Mahmoud will definitely be at the meeting.

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A rose has thorns on its stem.

My mother is not a secretary.

Mahjong is a game four people play.


Paula wasn't seriously injured.

You'll never change.

My father has been living in Nagoya for 30 years.

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Come closer to the fire if you're cold.


"Do you have a friend named Boyce?" "He's not my friend."

I know you must be terrified.

I got that from her.

I have no patience for children.

Poor tomcat.

How could that have happened?

Nigel isn't in yet.

You can't go to Boston this weekend.

What do you think would happen if it were not for books?

I don't hurt your animals.

Besides being an actress, she was a famous painter.

This is the pamphlet you asked for.

Do you think money will buy her happiness?

I say go for it.

The fireman rushed into the burning house.

I do not like people staring at me.

I'm sure you'll like them.

I can't believe Pat made such a stupid mistake.

You don't even know who that was, do you?


That's what you told me.

If you need me to, I'll help you.

I had no idea of what she intended to do.


Kimmo was too shaken to speak.

I'm sick and tired of reading.

Last week my mother came down with the flu.

Steen was well aware of Elvis's domestic problems.

May I interrupt?

It doesn't bother me anymore.

He is respected by his friends.

Tycho Brahe proved that comets were not just components of Earth's atmosphere, but actual objects traveling through space.

She failed every time she tried.

It's been three years since Bob started his own business.

To be continued next time, and thus I most humbly request your attendance then.

Sergeant became rich overnight.

Our security cameras are fake.

I want to want.

What's the time on your side?